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7 Latest GE EVO Locomotive To Get Pakistan Railways

7 Latest Ge Evo Locomotive To Get Pakistan Railway.7 latest GE Evolution Series locomotive will help to strengthen Pakistan Railways.

At this memorable achievement, more than 200 senior government officials, the partner from private sector and media attended the ceremonial lunch at the port.

Government’s motive is to improve the transportation infrastructure. The government wants to increase the share of rail transportation from 4 percent to 20 percent which will help in lower cost budget and also will support to save the goods from environmental impact.

This year 48 remaining Locomotive are delivered to Pakistan Railways which shows the commitment for a great vision of Pakistan. Latest GE technologies will help to improve the infrastructure of transportation within the country.

Mr. Javed Anwer Bubak, (Chief Executive Officer of Pakistan Railways stated)

“Strengthening the transportation and logistics infrastructure is crucial to support Pakistan’s economy. Each locomotive will be used to haul up to 3,400 tons of freight and the seven locomotives are expected to help Pakistan Railways generate substantial revenues of up to Rs. 13 billion per year. We are glad to partner on this initiative with GE, which is well-known throughout the world for its reliability, innovation and superior technology”

The CEO of Pakistan railways explained that Pakistan has become the first country in Asia which has this innovative technology of the Evolution Series™ of Locomotive and capable of sending it out.

“GE has been a committed partner to Pakistan Railways for more than 35 years. Our locomotives are among the best performing within Pakistan Railways’ fleet,”

Sarim Sheikh, (President & CEO, GE Pakistan),

“These new locomotives will provide better fuel efficiency and longer overhaul cycles than other units in Pakistan today, substantially reducing the costs of transporting essential freight. We are proud to be able to provide this much-needed technology and help develop the future of the country’s transportation sector in collaboration with Pakistan Railways.”

The GE locomotives will use transport coal supplies from Port Qasim in Karachi to Sahiwal. Daily 12,000 tons freight will carry out with five trains. After the investment of US$400 million. GE’s Evolution Series™ locomotives are the result of a 10 year.

These Locomotives are designed with the keeping of the hard environmental condition in Pakistan. They have 4,500 horsepower with the capacity to take 8,000-liter fuel and can pull 40 high capacity wagons each.


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