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Chinese Citizens Attacked in Islamabad

A sorrowful incidence reported from Islamabad where Chinese citizens are beaten as a result of a failed business deal with Pakistani citizen. Sources told that a Chinese citizen Liu Xiao Long came into a business agreement with a Pakistani businessman Ishtiaq Ali for a hotel business. Ishtiaq Ali was owing a building and Chinese citizen Long invested Rs. One Million to carry out a 50-50 business. After few months, business was not proved as a profitable entity and Ishtiaq Ali asked Long to pay his profit share. Long repeatedly told him and shown relevant records that the business is not earning any profit.

Ishtiaq Ali keep on forcing Long for his share but same reply was received from Long. Chinese Citizen Long’s translator told that one day Ishtiaq Ali deputed 8-10 men who came inside hotel premises and beaten Chinese staff along with a hotel customer residing in the room. In addition to this, they took all the valuables and cash with them. Long registered an FIR in local Police Station stating all the case and begged Pakistani Govt for help. Long also filed an application in the interior ministry asking for justice.

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