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MNAs with the highest and lowest attendance | Pakistan

The national assembly has held seven sessions, comprising of 42 sittings, to date since August.

Out of the 342 lawmakers in the House, only 17 clocked in a 100 percent attendance. The rest fell short. Some, including the prime minister, only came to the parliament seven times.

Who are the star performers and who are the slackers?

Geo.tv lists them down:

Majority (eight) of the MNAs, with a recorded presence of 100 percent, belonged to the opposition Pakistan Muslim League-N.

Some notables with low attendance include, PPP’s Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Imran Khan.


How many sittings of the upper house, the Senate, has the prime minister attended?

One out of 68 sittings, comprised of 281 sessions since August 27.

—Data provided by FAFEN


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