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Shahbaz Senior reappointed as PHF Secretary

Photo Courtesy: Hindustan Times

Former hockey team captain Shahbaz Senior has once again been appointed Secretary of Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF).

The former World Cup winner and Olympian had stepped down from the position in December 2018 following Pakistan’s dismal showing in the World Cup in India. He had cited poor structure, uncertain atmosphere, lack of funds and resources for his resignation.

“Just a single meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan can resolve the issues of the national sport. He is aware of the problems as he has been playing the sport himself,” Shahbaz said.

The PHF secretary went on to say that he will try everything he can to ensure that a suspension or fine is not imposed on Pakistan in the next International Hockey Federation (IHF) meeting.

He added that someone should audit the government funding for the PHF. He added, “All federations are blaming a lack of funds for the poor state of affairs of their sport.”




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